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Enterprise idea

1, the top 5d Mark II SLR photos using a Canon shot, all original film discs free!

2, the real one to one services, make-up artists, photographers, assistants, drivers, on the vehicles exclusive VIP tracking shot throughout!

3, make-up products, ampoule, eyelashes, wigs, accessories, and all free of charge, no hidden spending!

4, all wedding dresses, all optional, not partition does not increase ahead of clothing so that you can select the preselection filming style.

5, the public all the prices in-store, official website, clearly marked distinction, so you clearly the consumer!

6, upended the traditional Studio/Studio shooting modes, Director lead capture mode, nature, fashion, personality, romantic collection in your wedding photos!

7, again insisted on the exclusive implementation of designs, modified repeatedly until you are satisfied with, make sure you get what you want!

8, professional PS, plot design, make your wedding special, spread a century!

9, location is not restricted, attractions can go as long as you want to go!

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