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shoot one full personal service.

payment wedding, portrait photography clients should first determine the package then you can determine the amount for 20% as a deposit and the balance paid during the filming of the day you want (cash or credit card, credit card must pay in addition fees)  

selection of films filmed customers directly from the shop, customer service and customer communication and selected time, Studio according to the appointment tab.

attraction ticket attraction tickets, shoot props rental costs (MA. raft. piano. bicycles) are all borne by the customer.

schedule change for one-to-one service, schedule once the appointment is confirmed, if changed, in strict accordance with the photography service agreement article fifth: breach of contract execution. Schedule is not in any way transferred without permission; if the customer had not to photograph, Murphy photography will not refund a deposit; if you encounter bad weather or illness (need to provide proof of municipal hospitals) and other force majeure factors, both shot with a humane attitude to arrange another time. Filming was rescheduled cannot span multiple years.

finished product delivery 1 month after the end of the selection (customer delays in design time).  

personal items personal items be sure to keep cash and valuables not on location, does the photography is not assumed lost, damage liability.

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