Wedding and different life

Getting married is one of the most important things in life, marriage is two people is about two families, or even the whole family, so the day of the wedding it will be necessary to do all the work.

1. rural wedding, bride and groom ceremonial, not particularly high requirements. Why do you say it? Because apart from the maid of honor and best man, there will be a lot of "people who worry about" someone will guide you how to do it better. Elders that try to do it.

2. If required, that is: smiling, nodding his head. However, needless to say, in the rural areas of Shaanxi, the day of the wedding, the couple almost similar toys, your people will laugh, don't talk, they smile. Might as well be red face does not say anything. In fact, did not give the couple a chance to speak. Sometimes, the host will ask you some questions, you answer it. For example: after the bride how to a better way? You answer: earn all the money to her. Words such as these. Just remember, temper, undisturbed by it.  

3. the day of the wedding ceremony, mainly the bride. The bride, thanks to Gao (parents) should be serious, do in place of the position. Kowtow to bow down to in some places. Look, master of ceremonies says kowtow you kowtow, emcee just say bow bow.

 4. this part of the new main. Is to pour on to Hershey's friends and relatives to the wedding banquet. Generally by the pots of the groom, bride, a Cup, full after the pour, the bride hands to the people in the seats. Of course, the first on the table, respecting others. Now coaching (typically you elders bring to guide you. Sometimes you want to "call" is called), so what do you call, as they said, to call on the line. In this process, the bride called the elders of the family's home, the most important thing.

 5. embarrassment in rural married, should be no less. However, because your wife is a stranger, it's much simpler. So, may be embarrassing: candy was first stopped on the way (which isn't much embarrassment), the ceremony may have a companion pushed jokes (pay attention), the toasting time will play bigger company forcing you to drink (at this time, do not drink. This etiquette is prescribed. If you are drunk, ugly); that evening, there will be a lot of people to "naofang". Prevention approaches, typically boys first discuss with his good friend, sitting in new House (important to note that sometimes got the best of them, so prior to doing a good job, block to smooth things over for you) If you're loyal friends, partners, could you instead of eating, smoothly.

      in short, don't worry, all much simpler than you think. As long as the original, called what do you do to is generally no big deal there.


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