Married about subtle, the matchmaker to eat

Ancient women's "born in the grounds, to the unknown, is shes ugly unknown." After brokered by matchmakers, the man looked at proposed requirement. The grocery next to the bride by the man in the matchmaker for initial access to the activities, calling it a "date". Accor said "blind date".


dating days are set by a matchmaker in advance and informed of both women and men, therefore, both to make the appropriate preparations. Hobby man according to her parents, preparing gift woman sweeps the yard ready for the reception of guests. As a party, both of men and women to dress as elegant, bright, in order to give each other a good "first impression".  

date is a key component to the success of the marriage, particularly men, especially should be treated carefully. Gift is nothing more than snacks such as tobacco and alcohol, and don't care about quantity, value, and they must comply, should not conflict with the other parents, taboo; fashionably dressed to be generous; words and deeds to be humble and polite. When the ancient date men only created opportunity to sneak a look at girls by matchmakers, now it is different, both men and women can meet and talk. Both parties had the opportunity to have a preliminary understanding of the other.  

China is a "State of propriety and righteousness", pay attention to the subtle. Date Declaration of results is often not directly, and using cues to show. Many place are is in man door zhihou, woman parents first to guy pour Shang a cup tea, Guy see has girl think Italian, on put this cup tea a drink dry; then girl of parents with girl with discuss, as agreed make, on left man and matchmaker dinner, not agreed became by man leave home, some parents even also supporting matchmaker will man brings of gift away.  

in some areas other than date, and "justice people," customs. "Justice people" is also the date, is the man led by a matchmaker to her after seeing the girl, women party parents marriage not to stand, then led by matchmakers, back to the family. Qiyang area known as the "when". At that time, parents should first incense lamp of tea and talk to parents and the party. Women by looking at the groom and their parents talking with parents, if recognition of marriage, tea drinks, parents now "in-laws", and hospitality for the guests. Otherwise, her parents got up to leave, the man not just staying.

    "date", "when, after, to fulfil an engagement procedures, commonly known as" Guoli. "

  "Guoli" first step is by a matchmaker birthday to the woman's husband, the woman's birthday eight to the man, some superstitious parents consider themselves responsible for child marriage, often receiving the red thread to the fortune-teller projections, looking at the "horoscope" is consistent, if appropriate; marriage must reconsider. Fortunately, modern people don't really believe it, so even if Exchange red and often is nothing more than a formality, some even huantie forms are free.  

"huantie", "character", the matchmaker to choose a good day, take man to "Guoli" engagements. "Guoli" is a big thing, marriage initiative (male or female) to be sent to the other party a re-gift, presents at least a,  wine to include Pork Hock, chickens, ducks, each one, material to other parents. Socks a pair, envelope, to the girl's number. Inside front cover letter how much money to give the girl some what engagement present, generally in advance by a matchmaker negotiated separately with the two sides, not by the man (or woman) is as much as to. Of course, the man or the woman's parents also should be considerate of each other, and strive to save, take less from the bride

"Guoli" after both men and women agreed dates, to the local government for a marriage license to formalize relationships. Modern men and women both before going to the hospital to be married before you sign checks; in some areas (mainly urban) requires to do pre-marital classes. These are effective measures to ensure the quality of prenatal and postnatal care, protection of the population, should comply with.

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