Escape from fear for the future of her marriage back

Why I'm the only one who was always silently waiting for here, looking to meet someone here. A waiting, get married, just because I wanted to wait for her.

     time is very slow, so long, I've been waiting until ages. Time erase constantly makes me struggle, until not a drop of tears. I was thinking, maybe I must meet her in this life, to here my tears to flow out. Maybe I should give up waiting and start my new life, no matter what is married, even if only one person all the time, must be strong to live.

     may God bless me, in one day, to   let me meet her, because I just didn't want to wait.

     in the corner, suddenly appeared in front of my landscape ... Although this was short-lived. But I think it's looking back on past 500 to meet today's, yeah, that's good, around the corner lurks. Just by chance? Whether it's fate? Passing moment of memory, this will give us time to stop it? Brief encounter, gave me a myriad of expectations, but also disappointed for my wonderful, I thought, maybe he told passers-by as in life, was just a fluke in the side of a pipeline, it lights up your heart. Really can't therefore permanent.

     I tell myself, this is just a stranger, unless in another corner, I could touch him.

    , my voice was heard by God, and I am pleased that such a fate, makes me excited, but, suffering from a cold in this city, afraid of the spotlight alone, sensitive as I am, how dare us to attempt such a feeling, so I was able to escape with my grief and love to fly.

     away from the concrete-cold, escape from fear for the future. I think he will understand, will understand me without temporal bound themselves and let God witness, this moment belonged to us.

     married with you, I will.


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